Monday, February 19, 2018

My Sis Is Here For Two Weeks!!

My sister Mike came into town yesterday afternoon. We pretty much gabbed, ate, drank and watched Food Network. This morning when we were getting ready to sew, Mike suggested we sew outside on
the lanai. And so we did just that!  Mike was piecing blocks and I continued quilting my first feather quilt.  A third of the way through the quilting I decided it was mindless and I should save the remaining quilting for one of two quilting retreats I will be attending in the next two months.  I have now started my second feather quilt top (barely) and will continue with that one until it gets to the mindless stage when I will once again put it away for doing something that is easy enough to gab and snack while with all my friends!


I have gone out of my way to say I do not want another gadget in my kitchen yet, alas, I have just gotten from amazon a Sous Vide to be one of the many people surrounded around me that have one and rave and rave about it.  I am such a wimp.  Grow a pair Tommy!  I will let you know how exciting it will make my cooking.  I used it in culinary school but it never caught on until lately; now when I am a lazy cooker and want to do things that I don't have to read directions to do.  Oh well.  No one made me buy it!


Claudia said...

I thought I'd posted this earlier. I'll bet $20 Mike has one ordered before she gets home. I'd probably have one too if I was there. HA!

maggie z. said...

awww, dang...i miss you darling little girls and shan and sitter just left after a fast 6 days...whew! have a ball you and mike!!