Saturday, February 10, 2018

Ready to Quilt!

I have just wrapped up re-entering all the luncheon reservations that I have been amassing for the last 3 1/2 weeks in Excel. The program will no longer open recent documents. I sent lots of complaints to Microsoft but it didn't help. This time I sent the list to myself via email.

My Quilt Cult went on a mediocre house walk with proceeds going to Boys and Girls Clubs. It was a pretty pathetic house walk except for this decal on a wall of the laundry room.

I did like the company and we had a grand lunch so it was forth it.

This is a photo of the first quilt top in the current challenge my group has taken up. Instead of the gerber daisies we did last time, we have chosen the theme of feathers.


This is the completed top, ready to quilt. It is a contemporary take on a peacock feather.  I have several ideas for other feathers.

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Gayle from MI said...

Wow! You need an excel document to keep track of your lunch dates! Looks like you found your tribe for sure! Great feather too.