Friday, February 02, 2018

What's Going On

I am up early getting ready for the fourth annual 'Airing Of The Quilts' which takes place tomorrow from 10 to 3 at the Maxine Barritt Park, under and around the big pavilion next to Sharkeys Pier on Venice Beach.  The address is 1800 Harbor Drive, Venice, Florida.  Come and see!

It should be a lovely day for stringing all sorts of quilts from tree to palm tree with clothes line and clothes pins.  I am taking a little break from tagging many quilts that are going to be shown there.  They are having a small quilt sale so I have been finishing up the remnants of those quilts I cut up to adorn my two studios with 12 inch quilts.  I am going to donate them to sell and make the Modern Guild a little moola.

I also volunteered to make hot dogs to bring in a cooler to stay warm, along with fixings and chips and water.  The dogs will not be made until tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow is a big day.  Not only do we have the 'Airing' but we also have 'Carnivale' tomorrow night.  It's a dress up, kinda Mardi Gras idea, with masks and lead pieces and capes and bling.  It is at a country club and will be quite blingy with dinner and dancing.

I have Stitch and Bitch gathering of our Quilt Cult this morning and then this afternoon I have Nine and Dine, which is couples golfing 9 holes and then joining for dinner.

Yep, I am a busy girl.  I have to run and make a violet colored cape for G.  He requested it!!!

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Robbie said...

OK, you've made me tired reading your post! I guess I prefer to be a're too busy for me! HA